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On the home page you will find the the leading B2B marketplaces. To find the B2B service you are looking for start with the first row "Categories" "Global" or "Small Business". If you have not found what you are looking for, try "B2B Directories" below.

For those who need some introduction to the scope of B2B, or to discover what the latest developments in this rapidly growing field are, click on the links under "B2B News and Resources".

We have separate guides listed in the left column for most products or services your business needs.

Looking for a specific product, such as a digital camera? If not already there, go to "Digital Cameras" in the left column. Otherwise, start with the manufacturers listed in the center table at the top of the page. Need more information? Go to the information links to get reviews and other product information. Then, when you have decided on one or two brands try our recommended vendors.


After finding what appears to be the best price for the digital camera you want, use our "Best Price Search" feature. These search engines will scour the Net and get you a list of prices from different vendors. A word of caution, however: Results vary. So if you have the time, use at least two of the best price search engines to really find the best price. 

Also, it is best to do a general search first. For example, if you are pricing a Sony digital camera, model FD-91, it could be listed by different dealers or sites as FD-91, FD_91 or FD91 and get missed during the search. Thus it is wise to start by looking for "Sony digital camera" or "digital cameras Sony" and then narrow your search.

Whatever your needsóinformation, service or productóBocat is the place to start your search.


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